Monthly 2024-01

Another approach to force myself ensure that I consistently fill this blog with interesting content is by following Arne Bahlo’s Weekly approach. However, instead of posting on a weekly basis, I prefer to post on a monthly basis. I don’t feel like I have enough compelling content to share 52 times a year.

Let’s get it started.

Faster Shell Startup With Shell Switching

This didn’t actually help me speed up my own shell. However, it was interesting to see that it’s possible to improve the startup time for non-interactive shells by not loading unnecessary plugins, aliases, and bindings.

A decade long Steam issue, is everyone just too fast for Valve?

This is a really interesting post about a bug in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive / Counter-Strike 2. The bug in the game causes players to get disconnected due to an error that occurs depending on how the game is started.

Quest for Netflix on Asahi Linux

This is an interesting post about how to play Widevine DRM content on Asahi Linux and how it works on different platforms such as ChromeOS, Android, or browsers in general.

Making my website faster

In the process of building and improving my own blog, I found this post from Cliff Biffle to be quite helpful. It provides useful information on lazy loading images and improving font loading, among other things.