Monthly links 2024-05

Every map of China is wrong ( mirror)

I was aware of the fact, that satellite maps and Google’s map view don’t align with each other on purpose. Anastasia Bizyayeva goes into the details of how mapping works in China.

Hackers discover how to reprogram NES Tetris from within the game

I think everyone who’s either watching TV or being on the internet seen the news about someone finally “finishing” the original Tetris game. I watched a few videos, especially from aGameScout, and heard about a modded version. However, I was not aware of how they actually did it because they were actually playing on the original cartridge. This Ars Technica post has some good information and links.

How we managed to speed up our CI to save 168+ days of execution time per month

Well, see the title. Robert Resch writes about how they improved execution time for Home Assistant’s builds. Hint: uv. I tried to replace pip or even poetry in some of my projects, but was not really happy with the workflow. Now there’s a big Python project that I could have another look into for inspiration.

Face cams: the missing guide

Amos Wenger has written a really in-depth guide about video production, especially when it comes to face cams in videos. He talks about equipment, settings, and even mentions important factors like the frequency of mains power that may cause flickering lights. It’s really good information, even if you don’t plan to produce videos but just want to improve settings for online meetings.

Windows 10 Desktop

An article about how they created the Windows 10 desktop background image reveals that it was a practical shot, not just full CGI. They even have a few alternative versions with different lighting setups and making-of videos.