This site is built using the static site generator Hugo. For the visual design, I selected the Hugo blog awesome theme and made some slight modifications to suit my needs.

Usually, I prefer to write my content in Notion or Google Drive. These tools make it convenient for me to highlight and correct any typos or spelling mistakes.

The code is hosted in a private repository on GitHub. It is built and hosted for free using Cloudflare Pages. Whenever there is a push to the main branch, a new build is triggered and deployed automatically within 20-30 seconds.

Instead of going through the hassle of self-hosting an email server, I made the decision to use Fastmail instead. Fastmail offers a convenient and straightforward way to set up my own domain for email sending and receiving, making the entire process incredibly easy.

I am using GoatCounter to get a rough glimpse of where my visitors are coming from. It’s a minimal and privacy-friendly analytics tool. It is probably the most affordable option available, unless I decide to self-host my own analytics tool.