Monthly links 2024-03

How I keep myself Alive using Golang

Matt Boyle writes about how he keeps track of his blood glucose levels utilizing his engineering skills writing some monitoring code and a Telegram bot to bundle everything in a neat Grafana dashboard.

How We Bypassed Safari 17’s Advanced Audio Fingerprinting Protection

I was aware that companies do fingerprinting on users/devices to identify their behavior and how they navigate the internet. This became “necessary” as people tend to dislike cookies. What surprised me was that one could utilize a browser API designed to produce audio files to generate a device fingerprint.

Fifty Things you can do with a Software Defined Radio

I was following along blinry’s thread on Mastodon and re-read everything once again in their write-up. There are so many interesting things one can do with an SDR. Considering I already have one in use here I might explore some of those possibilities too.

Rebase After a Squash

A few weeks ago, I was dealing with a project where, because of my own poor planning, I ended up with multiple pull requests that relied on each other. Also, due to some bad habits in how I used git, my commit history was a mess, and I wanted to merge these PRs by combining their commits (squash merge). Unfortunately, doing this would break the other branches. That’s when I came across Nicholas Mitchinson’s blog post, which taught me about git rebase --interactive, a feature that allows you to easily choose the important commits and reorganize your branches interactively

We Built An Orb: The making of the Steam Deck OLED launch trailer

Title says it all. Valve did a write-up on (plus a video) on how they created the launch trailer for the Steam Deck OLED. In short, they used Steam Deck OLEDs to light a Steam Deck OLED simply to prove one point: the display is bright.