My default apps of early 2024

While looking through a bunch of different blogs by clicking through some webrings, I found a nice trend. Based on a discussion between the hosts of the Hemispheric Views podcast, people have started to share their default apps for certain activies. I thought why not join them and see if it stays the same in a year.

Here are mine for early 2024

  • Mail Client: Mimestream,, Gmail
  • Mail Server: Fastmail, Gmail
  • Notes: Notion
  • To-Do: I usually create tasks in Google Calendar
  • iPhone Photo Shooting:
  • Photo Management: Google Photos
  • Calendar: Google Calendar
  • Cloud File Storage: Google One + local NAS storage
  • RSS: Reeder (synced with self-hosted Miniflux)
  • Contacts: synced with Google
  • Browser: Safari (just on iOS), Chrome
  • Chat: pretty much the whole lineup
  • Bookmarks:, formerly Linkthing (synced with Linkding)
  • Read It Later: n/a
  • Word Processing: Notion and Google Docs
  • Spreadsheets: Notion and Google Docs
  • Presentations: Google Docs
  • Shopping Lists: n/a
  • Meal Planning: Mealie
  • Budgeting and Personal Finance: MoneyMoney
  • News: tagesschau and Hacker News
  • Music: Spotify, Plexamp
  • Podcasts: Overcast, Spotify
  • Password Management: 1Password

In addition to the “official” list, I would like to add a few more